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Just look at this guy go, people. He definitely has what it takes to be the next Ken Block. The early age means that this is pure talent waiting to be unveiled.

We bet that you never thought a toy car can do stuff like that, but this is just another example that the most important thing is the driver.

Take a look how proud he looks with the girl on the right seat. Surely this guy will be popular through highschool and college.


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Sebastien Loeb and Sebastien Ogier showed off in Buenos Aires in Red Bull Racing’s custom Citroen DS3 WRC driver seat. The crowd wittnessed some jumps and some sick drifting from two experienced drivers in the world.


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Smoking tires, a couple of Nissan Skylines and hot chicks. We’d like to say more, but we feel there’s no need for words.

Although you shouldn’t try hanging out from the sunroof, with your hands on the sides of the windshield. It’s kinda stupid and kinda dangerous. But no hot girl was hurt during this process.


Source Carscoop.

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The weather may be cold in Moscow, but the tires on the drifters’ cars are hot as hell. This internationally acclaimed sport, which is both spectacular and a tiny bit dangerous, has armies of fans all over the world.

The “Moscow Drift” short movie makes us descend into the Russian capital, where two professional drivers show us how it’s done. Warning: this movie might be indecently arousing, if you love the smell of burnt rubber and driving sideways.


Via Autoblog.

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I believe this can be qualified as the longest, biggest, coolest drift in the history of rallying! I dare you to find a hotter, more awesome drift than this one.

Source Failblog.

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After making us quite a while for Gymkhana Three, and then releasing a pretty shoddy music video for an annoying song, we can finally say that rally driver and stunt man Ken Block has officially redeemed himself.

How? By releasing the new Gymkhana Thee Part 2 video.

Shot on location in France, at the famed l’Autodrome de Linas, a banked circuit built in 1924, Gymkhana Three really showcases what made the first three videos (including 2.1) so popular all over the Internet.

Without further a do, hit the jump to see Ken Block push his 650 HP Ford Fiesta to new (smoky) heights and really wear the rubber right off the rims. Enjoy!

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Drifting is usually reserver for hot Japanese models like the Nissan Silvia, Toyota Corolla AE86 or powerful American ones like the Ford Mustang.

One guy decided to showcase that something much different can also go sideways in a spectacular manor. What car are we talking about specifically? An old Mercedes-Benz E Class Wagon W123 diesel, with a Scania turbocharger bolted on for extra performance.

We honestly couldn’t be making this up. Check it out in a video after the jump in a professional drifting challenge against older E30 BMW 3 Series or Nissan Silvia models, it’s totally worth it.

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Well, we’ve waited for quite a long time to see Ken Block and his new Gymkhana Three video, starring the brand new, 600 HP Ford Fiesta rally car, but it seems we’re going to wait a bit more.

DC Shoes did release the first part of the Gymkhana Three, but unlike previous installments, where Block went all out, this time it’s an actual music video, with Block just making a few appearances in his DC Shoes apparel line. For anyone interested, the song is Clicking, performed by rap duo The Cool Kids.

Expect the second (and real) part of Gymkhana Three in the following weeks. Until then, score some glimpses of Block and his Fiesta in the video after the jump.

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Today, the world’s most popular video site, YouTube, is celebrating its fifth birthday. It’s a bit hard to believe, but way back in 2005, this website has begun offering us an outlet for our wacky, insane, awesome or downright stupid videos.

But while showing yourself off is all fine and dandy, quite a lot of people also opted to showcase their cars. From your average Joe to professional race drivers like Ken Block, YouTube hosted all sorts of videos with cars, trucks, bikes and everything in between.

That’s why we decided to celebrate YouTube’s fifth birthday by rounding up some of the most awesome car videos we could find on the popular website. Curious to feast your eyes on this two/three/four-wheel goodness? Then hit the jump and check 15 of the best YouTube car videos ever!

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Going on our daily YouTube hunt for interesting car videos that we can share with all you fine folks, we found this video of drift racer and future Top Gear USA host, Tanner Foust.

Although the video is a bit old, dating back from March, we knew such awesomeness can always be shared under the motto ‘better late than never’.

In the footage below, Foust takes his 600+ HP V8 Scion tC drift car, sponsored by Rockstar Energy, on the famous Mulholland Highway, better known as ‘The Snake’, given its twisty corners. The racer does not disappoint, and the resulting video is a must-see for any car fan.

Hit the jump and check out Tanner Foust’s drifting antics on the Mulholland Highway.

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Lexus has just announced that the 2010 GX460 SUV is now back on sale and that the software update for the car’s stability control system is available, so there is no longer the possibility of losing control of the big Lexus.

While safety fans will definitely rejoice and drifting fans will be sad, Toyota is scoring this as a big win, hyping up the fact that it acted quickly and no victims were reported because of the tail happy luxury SUV.

As you may remember, at the middle of the month, Consumer Reports placed the 2010 GX460 on the ‘Do Not Buy’ list, as the car began sliding out of control if you took your foot off the acceleration in the middle of a corner (aka it started drifting).

The Japanese engineers worked diligently and modified the VSC software to take into account new parameters. As was shown last week, the car is now composed and no longer fit for any amateur drifting. Sales will be restarted while current owners are going to get their car fixed free of charge.


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We’ve seen our fair share of vigilantes over the years, but while we can’t say we condone such practices (leave crime fighting to the police), some examples are just too awesome to pass.

Such is the case with a Cadillac CTS driver in China, who decided to stop a thief by drifting his car in front of the baddie that just stole the purse of a woman on the street.

The whole video is just too awesome for words, and we can just thank road surveillance cameras for capturing this Cadillac-driving hero of our time. Check out the video after the jump!

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The Formula D drifting competition is getting to kick off its 2010 season, and we’ve already Rhys Millen showcase his special 650 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe this week.

Now, Samuel ‘The Crazy Swede’ Hubinette has also revealed a video in which he and fellow Samuel Hubinette Racing teammate, Andrew Comrie-Picard, practice before the 2010 drifting season starts. Their rides? Oh, just a simple 865 HP Dodge Challenger and the same Dodge Viper SRT10 which won the 2005 and 2006 Formula D championships.

Curious to see how they teared up their BF Goodrich tires on the Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside, California? Then hit the jump to watch this drifting extravaganza.

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The Rhys Millen Racing team revealed the Hyundai Genesis Coupe track car last year. Sadly, the South Korean model didn’t really impress, netting Millen, the former champ, a not so honorable 19-th place at the end of the year.

For the 2010 Formula Drift racing season, the RMR team has spent quite a lot of time optimizing the coupe model, so that it can go sideways is the best possible way.

Want some proof? Hit the jump and check out the preseason testing of Rhys Millen and his 650 HP Hyundai Genesis Coupe, a must see for any drifting fan.

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We showed you earlier today a video of a Rolls Royce Phantom drifting in the snow, but now we have some footage of professional rally driver Ken Block during the shakedown session of the Sno*Drift, where he shows off the abilities of the new Monster Ford Fiesta rally car.

Block also proves his skills in wrangling the car, which was fitted with stud-less tires in the snowy conditions, and also pushes the engine’s power by topping out the sixth gear in one extremely lengthy straight line.

Hit the jump to see the video.

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