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Dual fuel cars are a new category of cars available on the market and offer any buyer an eco-friendly choice. A dual fuel vehicle is a car which uses an internal combustion engine created to run on more than one type of fuel. A gasoline and ethanol or methanol combination is usually used. In addition, some of these cars can also use both gas and electricity for powering their engine. The gasoline combination engine is able to burn any proportion of the fuel mixture inside the combustion chamber. The spark timing and the fuel injection are determined automatically by electronic sensors depending on the quantity of fuel mixture available in the chamber. These cars can also use as combustible propane, electricity, hydrogen and other alternative fuels which are available on the market.

One of the advantages of driving a dual fuel car is the fact that you will reduce fuel costs. A good example is the use of compressed natural gas. In Utah it will cost you only $9.34 to fill a 12.8 gallon tank. If you would fill the same tank with petrol the price would be $52.22. That can lead to savings of up to $2229.96 per year.

The dual fuel cars that use compressed natural gas are environmentally friendly and that matters for many of us. That’s how the carbon monoxide emissions can be reduced by 70 to 90% and the hydrocarbon emissions by 40 to 60 %. But owning an eco-friendly dual fuel car it’s not that easy for those who set low budgets for a car purchase. For example, the hybrid cars available on the market usually have a price tag with $8,000 higher than the one of a vehicle which uses regular gas. The only feature that determines buyers to invest in these cars it’s the promise of long term savings. Buying a fuel cheaper than gasoline will compensate for the higher price paid.

Another advantage of these dual fuel cars is that the low maintenance necessary that won’t cost you much. In addition, these cars are equipped with engines meant to last for decades. It’s true that dual fuel cars have their advantages and disadvantages but that depends on the town where you live and if the necessary infrastructure has been created in the surrounding area.

An example of a dual fuel used car is the incredible 2003 Mazda RX-8 RE equipped with the Renesis hydrogen rotary engine and a powertrain which is perfect for burning hydrogen. It also uses different chambers for combustion and induction. That’s how it manages to offer a better fuel economy and to reduce the emissions. The car can operate using both gasoline and hydrogen as fuel. What’s important is that no matter the fuel it still offers an incredible driving experience.

Another interesting dual fuel used car available on the market is the Maruti Suzuki which offers different possible fuel combinations such as petrol with LPG or petrol with CNG. The Holden’s Colorado pickup is also an interesting option if you want to buy a dual fuel used car. It’s available with a 3.6 liters Alloytec V6 dual-fuel engine able to produce 155kW at 5400 rpm with reduced CO2 emissions. It uses LPG and regular petrol as main fuels. The price for a 2008 Holden Colorado dual fuel used car is of around $17,950.

A dual fuel used car can be the solution for lowering your monthly fuel expenses and still be comfortable with the budget you will need for its purchase. What you can be sure is that you are buying a reliable car.

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