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Ah yes, speeding cameras. Never has man cursed an invention of modern technology so much. Police people always say that they never lie, but perhaps they should pay attention to a recent story coming from the Netherlands, where a parked truck received over 45 tickets from automated speed cameras.

The owner of the truck, one Martin Robben, who is a lumber merchant, has received over 45 speed tickets on August 25, even though his lonely truck was parked on the side of the road that day in the village of Oldeberkoop.

“Sometimes there were only three seconds between the tickets,” Robben told a Dutch paper. “That’s impossible… Nobody can be flashed dozens of times in an afternoon.”

No pictures were sent in the mail, just the fines and warning that he should pay thousands of euros if he doesn’t want his license to be suspended. He has now contacted his lawyers and is bent on taking this case to the supreme court, so that justice can be made.

What’s important is that the cameras which fined him are made by local company Gatsometer, which provide the same models to a variety of countries worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, France and other territories.

Hopefully any of us won’t go through the same ordeal as the Dutch driver thanks to such speed cameras. Have any of you been the victim of such a device which didn’t work properly? Leave us a comment with your story.

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Source: TheNewspaper

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