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Imagine you own a glorious Aston Martin DB9 model, but over the last five years, you’ve grown a bit bored of the British sportscar. Why not buy a DBS, for example, and satisfy your desire for a shiny new car?

Neah, that’s too simple, at least according to a Russian customer. Instead, he went to tuning company Edo Competition and asked it to convert his five year old DB9 into a DBS model.

After a bit of a shock, the crew went to work and replaced all of the body panels from the DB9 with the carbon fiber parts used on the S model. The interior was also upgraded, with a mix of leather and Alcantara now present in the Aston.

In terms of performance, the Edo Competition team also tweaked the 5.9-liter V12 engine, which now develops 550 HP, even more than the DBS’ stock 510 HP. The brakes were also upgraded, as was the suspension system.

The price for the conversion wasn’t revealed, but you can pretty much guess that it came quite close to the price of a completely new DBS.

Source: Edo Competition

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