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Most Effective Way To Sell A Car

When a car owner decides to sells his car privately he’s satisfied with placing a sale sign in the window and a few classifieds in the local newspaper. That’s why so many people end up trading their cars at a dealership where they are very likely to get a price with up to $1,500 lower. So, if you’d rather keep that money in your pocket you should know that the most effective way to sell a car is by taking advantage of the online listings.

If you post your ad on some of the reliable websites specialized in selling used cars you will considerably increase the number of potential buyers. A recent study has shown that almost 59% of the people that are interested in buying a used car visit such websites before making a final choice. But for this plan to work you will need to find the most popular websites and know how to handle the process.

First of all, regardless of the fact that you are selling the car online you will still have to make sure it is in the best shape possible in terms of appearance but also when it comes to its parts and functionality. It’s always wise to be honest about your car’s condition and don’t waste the time of other people. To make sure you will quickly close the deal you should also consider preparing in advance a Carfax or Experian history report, your service records and any other proofs you may have related to the car’s repairs.

The next step involves choosing the right websites for your ad. One choice is EBay Motors because is the largest virtual market for used cars. Even if you will have to pay $90 for listing the car, the advantages are many. People will be able to bid for your car, you get to set a reserve price in order to make sure you will get the minimum price you are comfortable with and you can reach out to buyers that live across the country. Other possible websites you should consider are AutoTrader.com and CarDirect.com that also deal with used car sales but in a different manner. The fees vary depending on the number of photos you want to post and the amount of details you want to specify. For example, on AutoTrader.com you can opt for a simple ad and pay only $25 or you can choose the more elaborate option that allows you to post up to 18 photos and pay $79. The advantage is that the ad stays on the website until your car is sold. On CarsDirect.com you will pay $25 for a simple ad valid for 30 days while for an ad that includes six pictures and remains valid until you sell the car, they will charge you $37.50.

The manner in which you design the online listing of your car is as important as finding the right website. The price you set is a factor, so you should consult the Kelley Blue Book and determine an accurate price point. For a second opinion you can browse Edmunds.com and by specifying the car’s manufacture year, evaluating its overall condition and typing the car’s mileage, you will receive an accurate price. Make sure the photos you include capture the car’s interior and exterior and also the odometer as proof of the car’s mileage. In a few words you should also remind of any special features or upgrades that the car comes with. By doing so, you will realize this is definitely the most effective way to sell a car.

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