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Cars are not like they used to be any more. Keep the electronics to a minimum and keep the car simple, mechanics would ensure that the car is moving, it’s stopping, moving again, accelerating and decelerating. Now hundreds of abbreviations control just about every part of the car. ABS, EGR, ASR, DAC, EGD and many others are linked to one main computer that controls and analyzes not only the car, but the surroundings as well as the very ground the car runs on. So to maintain a car that is run by 10000 electrical components, you will need help and a lot of electrical devices. Thankfully that such places are in hundreds. Electrical car part stores and hardware stores can be found, literally everywhere.

Electric Car Parts

Firstly let’s head on http://www.chophockhong.com.sg/. They are about the largest suppliers of vehicle electrical parts in all of Asia. They can supply electronics and electrical parts like motor starters, alternators for a wide range of vehicles, regulators, armatures, relays and may other. And it’s not only cars they supply for. If you have a truck or a crane, a heavy duty tractor and such other industry vehicles they have the components for them. Even equipment for boats can be found there.

While you’re checking around their webpage, be sure to download the brochure which contains considerable information on prices and offers. If you’re looking for something in particular, you have at your disposal a neat search engine, with possibilities of narrowing down the search by selecting the category you’re interested. In case you feel like browsing around, you can see a menu with all components sorted by category. In case you require several things at once, you may want to check out the “Great offer” section. There are the components on which they have overstocked and are placed on sale, with nearly half the price cheaper, while the quality remains the same.

Heading on to www.cens.com we stumble upon a long list of components that would satisfy even the most demanding customer. They have it covered, starting with engine and body electrical parts, and ending up with horns and spark plugs. Not only that they supply electronics themselves, but they can redirect a customer to another supplier in case they don’t have the necessary components. Being affiliated with many other companies, they have an interesting feature where not only buyers are interested, but sellers as well. It’s an innovative system where a seller may choose to sell a car’s electric parts, or he is given the option to advertise on their website for other interested buyers: http://www.cens.com/cens/html/en/category/cate_list_A2001.html.

And finally we head on to partstrain.com, which currently is the market leader when it comes to car all car components, not only electrical. Unlike any other websites where you’re given a search option, Partstrain makes the search for you. All you need to do is complete an online form with only your car model, car year and trim level. After that you will be redirected to a page where you’re given all the components and car accessories for your model alone sparing you of the grueling process of shifting from model to model, to finally find the alternator you’re interested in. In case you’re looking for a good deal, than you have to check out the “Featured products” section. There are placed the most sold parts and the best deals. You can simply add the ones you need in a cart and wait for their arrival at your doorstep. It just doesn’t get simpler than this.

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