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Sigh, here we are with yet another study blaming electric cars for slaughtering baby seals, chopping down the rain forest and all around killing this hunk of rock we call Earth. It seems that a new study made by the US National Research Council is claiming that because electricity is predominantly obtained through the use of charcoal in countries like the US, electric vehicles are in fact responsible for more pollution than regular cars.

The researchers claim that because most of the electric plants in the US and many other territories all around the world are obtaining that power mostly from charcoals, through burning them, the more electricity we consume, the more we pollute the Earth. Ergo, through some pretty biased logic, electric cars are responsible for more overall pollution than regular cars.

Add to this the old debate about how hurtful the process of making batteries for electric cars is to the planet, and it seems that Prius owners should go and buy a Hummer from its new Chinese owners if they really want to save the Earth.

The study also says that electric power plants need to be reconverted to use other sources of energy, preferably ones like solar or wind power, so that electric vehicles will actually start to make a good impact on the planet.

Are you an owner of a hybrid or electric car? What do you believe about this new study? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

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