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Volkswagen is aiming to surprise those who will attend the Hanover Trade Show this week, in Germany, by presenting the Milano Taxi electric vehicle concept.

Those with a sharp memory can easily spot the fact that the Milano Taxi is based on the older Space Up! plug-in hybrid concept that was shown off at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show. It seems that when/if the new Up! city car lineup will be established, this electric taxi won’t be far behind.

Still, plenty of modifications have been made to the design of this new concept, from eliminating the driver-side rear door to extending the sliding one on the curb side for an easier access in and out for customers. Likewise, the front passenger seat has been replaced with more luggage space, while a touchscreen system has also been added as rear-seat entertainment, a common feature in newer taxi models and concepts.

In terms of power, the concept has an electric motor capable, thanks to the lithium-ion battery pack, to run for about 186 miles on the EU combined cycle. The Volkswagen Milano Taxi is just a concept at the moment, so don’t go thinking you’ll be hailing them on the street anytime soon.

Source: Volkswagen

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