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Sad news for Mazda fans in Europe, as the company won’t be bringing back its RX-8 model due to tougher Euro 5 regulations that can’t be met by its Wankel engine. As you all know, Mazda made a name for itself by using rotary engines in its supercars, famous for being rev-happy although not that efficient in terms of fuel or maintenance…. …read the full post

Great fuel average and low emissions aren’t things you would normally associate with sports cars, but thanks to the new 2011 Lotus Elise S, they’re practically synonymous. Why are we saying such a thing? Well, thanks to the improvements the Elise received for its 2011 model year, including lighter weight (1,931 pounds), a new Evora-esque… …read the full post

When you think of powerful yet frugal and low emission models, the Range Rover lineup doesn’t exactly come to mind. With the next generation SUV though, the engineers at Land Rover are going to push their talents to the limit, and create a model that blends off-road performance with a lower fuel average and reduced CO2 emissions. How will it… …read the full post

Love the six-cylinder Boxer engines in the Porsche Boxster model? Well you should get one while you can, as the German company is rumored to be considering smaller power units for its entry level model in order to comply with the stricter CO2 emissions standards which will be adopted in the European Union by the end of 2012. Hans-Jürgen Wöhler, the… …read the full post

The European Parliament’s environmental committee voted against delaying the new emission standards introduction dates. This means that, starting with 2012, new cars will not be permitted to emit more than 130 grammes of carbon dioxide per kilometre starting in 2012, and the limit will go down to 95 grammes by 2020, subject to a review in 2014…. …read the full post