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Posted on 3-09-2007 by Vlad Balan

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At next week’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Fiat will present it’s Fiat Aria concept, an environment-friendly project based on the current small Panda. The concept is powered by a new 80 hp 900 cc Turbo twin-cylinder engine, with CO2 emission levels limited to 69 g/km, engine that can run on petrol and CNG (70% methane, 30% hydrogen). The ‘green’ technology features the Multiair system for dual petrol/methane-hydrogen fuel management, MTA gearbox and Stop&Start device.

Eco-compatible materials (recycled, recyclable or of natural origin) were used for both outside and inside. The interior of the Fiat Aria concept is upholstered with natural fibres (cotton and linen), woven coconut fibre and biodegradable elements, while the exterior panelling is made of semi-transparent eco-resin.

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