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EVs not very popular in Europe

2012 Tesla Roadster

It seems that electric vehicles are not very popular in Europe and one example is United Kingdom where during the third quarter of this year only 308 units have been sold through the government’s grant scheme. Ever since the beginning of this year, a subsidy of up to 5,000 pounds has been available for UK customers who wanted to buy an EV, but not a lot of people have taken advantage of that. In the first quarter of this year in UK automakers have sold only 465 cars while in Q2 they delivered 215 cars.

This means that sales have gone down even with that considerable discount so UK buyers are reluctant to move away from the traditional conventional-powered cars. This situation is applicable not only in the United Kingdom, but across the entire continent as a study conducted by JATO Dynamics has shown that the number of people buying EVs is very low even in those countries in which the subsidies offered can reach a whopping 18,000 pounds.

In the first half of this year, only 85 EVs were sold in Belgium, even though there’s a 10,907 Euros (9,496 pounds) subsidy applicable. Another relevant example would have to be Norway where over the same period people bought 850 electric cars, in a country where there’s an impressive 17,524 Euros (15,526 pounds) incentive. In Denmark there is a 20,588 Euros (17,294 pounds) subsidy but even so there were only 238 cars sold so far.

Source: Auto Express

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