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Last week, when we wrote about Forbes listing us as a must-read auto blog, we also promised you a few more surprises, so here we are:

New look for RPMGO. A couple of weeks ago, we realised it’s been almost two years since we last did a major change to the blog, so we decided to start working on a fresh look. Well, actually we didn’t do anything, because the design was made by a friend of ours, Alex, a very talented Romanian designer. We’re really happy with what he came up with and we hope you like it too. Of course, there are still a few glitches that need to be fixed, but we’ll take care of that in the following days. You can also help us, by reporting anything you find that is not working or looking as it’s suppose to.

Alex is also working on a new look for our Test Drive section too, which we hope will be ready later this week. And speaking of test drives…

…we’re very thrilled about our first long-term test car, a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLK, which Bobby will be driving until next summer. We had the car since August, but we couldn’t announce it earlier, because Bobby is part of a Mercedes campaign here in Romania and we had to wait until the official announcement.

After the first two months, we can tell you the car is magnificent, especially on our rough Romanian roads (we also drove it to Germany last month, when we went to the Frankfurt show). Among others, it has a 3.0 liter diesel, 224 hp and off-road package. More soon, when we’ll write our impressions after two months.

And last, but definitely not least, we must introduce our new team member, Andrei Dobra (Andrey). Though it’s not a surprise any more (he has been posting since early September), we never got the chance to officially introduce him. And who can talk better about Andrey, than himself

Hey everyone! My name’s Andrey and I’ll be the new editor here at RPMGO. I’ve been a fan of cars ever since I was a child, and as the years kept going, my passion grew by leaps and bounds. I was inspired by various auto shows on TV, but Top Gear really had me hooked on everything auto-related. I worked for a year at Softpedia, one of the largest technology websites in the world, covering the games section, but cars eventually won the battle in my heart (just don’t get me started with racing games). I currently drive a Dacia Logan (I’ve heard pretty much all of the possible insults), but I’m still proud of it. From now on I’ll be delivering you all of the latest news in the auto industry and beyond.

Andrey wrote for RPMGO last year, as part of an experiment we made, and we thought he did a great job, so at the end of this summer we asked him if he’d like to join our team. He said yes and we’re really thrilled to have him onboard!

So, what do you think…a lot of great news, right?

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