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Xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Forza Motorsport 3 for quite some time now, as the racing video game offers a great experience with some unbelievable cars. In order to keep things fresh, Microsoft, its publisher, and Turn 10 Studios, its developer, have just unleashed the ‘Exotic Car Pack‘ downloadable content onto the Xbox Live online… …read the full post

Yet another case has surfaced recently that just goes to prove that money plus fast cars do not make racing drivers out of their owners. Two brothers, one owning a Ferrari and another owning a Mercedes McLaren SLR, both recently bought, decided to race their two supercars in the middle of the day in the capital of Poland, Warsaw. As you may have figured… …read the full post

Here we are once more, with further proof to show that you mustn’t give supercars to those that aren’t prepared to “tame” the hundreds of horses from under the bonnet. This time, a Japanese driver thought it would’ve been a great idea to take his exclusive Ferrari Enzo for a spin just when it started to rain. Needless… …read the full post

Ok, this is not necessary about cars, but I found this video on YouTube of Rihanna’s new song, “Shut up and drive”, and I thought it would be nice to share with you. I personally like Rihanna very much (especially her good looks) and this, combined with the cars in the video, gives a pretty good picture. In the clip you can see some… …read the full post