Exploring the Challenge of Electric Vehicles: Is the EV Charging Infrastructure Keeping Up?

  • Our brave journalist ventured out with her Rivian R1T and tested 126 individual chargers at 30 different charging stations.
  • A shocking 27 percent of these electric power dispensers were on the fritz or completely kaput.

Well, let’s oil up the gears of opinion, darlings! It appears as if folks who want to go green are having some trouble seeing red…on their battery indicator, that is.

Nearly a third of the electric chargers our bold reporter tested were more busted than a teenager’s story when arriving home past curfew. Electric vehicles are all the rage, but with more than a quarter of charging stations packing up, going green could have you seeing red…and not just on your power metre! I mean, who knew? You’d have better odds of finding a needle in a haystack or a well-behaved child in a candy store!

Point being, it looks like the e-vehicle world needs to put a bit more ‘juice’ into ensuring their power stations actually…you know…POWER UP. The digital age is well upon us, but let’s make sure we can keep our high-tech carriages charged, okay folks?


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