Facepalm: 80% of BMW 1 Series owners think the car is front-wheel drive | Rpmgo.com

In what is a rather shocking statistic, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer revealed in a conference call that almost 80% of current 1 Series owners think the car is a front-wheel drive model.

*smack* That was the sound of our palms hitting our faces.

The CEO used this analysis to further highlight that the new plans to create an FWD platform for future BMW city car models won’t be met with large disapproval from current owners. As you may remember, as part of a new push, BMW is set to research a platform which will support both FWD and AWD, which will be implemented in future BMW and Mini models, aimed at the urban environment.

Getting to the matter at hand though, sure the BMW 1 Series is pretty great, but do people actually believe it is a FWD hatchback or compact sedan? Yeah, the Dynamic Traction Control does a proper job of eliminating many of the classic disadvantages of the RWD, but not nearly enough to make you feel like you’re in an FWD car.

Anyway, this shocking statistic shows that many customers don’t care about which wheels get the engine’s power and that many 1 Series drivers aren’t even interested in a key feature of their car.

Source: Automotive News

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