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The Citroen DS3 is once again flaunting its stylish looks by another partnership with an influential fashion house. This time, after Yves Saint Laurent tried their hands with the French compact, Japanese house Kenzo has also revealed a one-off DS3. Inspired by oriental designs, the fashion house took a pristine white DS3 and covered both its roof and… …read the full post

The Life Ball is one of the biggest fund raising events that benefit AIDS/HIV research in the world. British carmaker Mini has been a long time partner of the charity event, offering unique, one-off models created in partnership with various fashion houses. Now, for this year’s edition, which will take place in Vienna, on July 17, the British… …read the full post

Citroen is eager to promote its new DS3 hatchback as a premium model, with a rich interior and an attractive design. That’s why it has recently partnered with famous French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, and revealed this special edition of the compact model. The YSL DS3 isn’t just for show, as Citroen used it to shuttle guests to a… …read the full post