Fast Five vs Fast Feet –

For those who haven’t seen the following video this may come as quite a shock. Vin Diesel’s childhood didn’t involve driving fast and furios (cars) and having a sexy voice. Mark Vincent was an ordinary neighbourhood boy who used to brakedance.

An easy world wide web search showed us a couple of videos of an younger Vin Diesel version feelin’ the beat and teaching the masses how to breakdance. Back then, adidas didn’t have to pay for Mark to wear the three stripes logo and the scenes weren’t about making him look tough, strong and sexy.

Use this as proof that everybody starts from scratch and realize that initiative gets you, some point in time, to the place you want to be.

Enough chat. Fast Five is around the corner, meanwhile bring some popcorn and check out Vin Diesel in a way you haven’t seen him before.


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