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With the advent of the recessions and the economic downturn, many people believed theft will rise, especially car theft, as they are much easier to steal.

According to the FBI though, things aren’t exactly so. The federal bureau says that statistics for 2009 car thefts show a 17 percent decline as opposed to 2008, and are at the lowest point in 20 years. Last year, 794,616 were stolen from their owners.

While that may sound like good news, the FBI warns that while thefts are down, so is the recovery rate of the stolen cars. Last year, just 42 percent of vehicles were found and returned to their owners, a 25 percent drop as opposed to 2008.

Why is this? The FBI and law enforcement officials say that thieves are getting increasingly professional. They’re no longer dealing with kids or first time offenders, instead with organized groups that know how to make a car disappear.

In the end, the FBI offers some basic safety tips: keep your car parked in well lit areas, lock it at all times and keep valuable items like GPS systems hidden inside.

Souce: Consumer Reports via Autoblog
Pic Source: Amit Bhawani

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