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Welcome to the second, yet most important part of our RPMGO Awards feature for the week spanning February 19 and 25. We’ve revealed to you the nominees for the best and worst stories yesterday, and you’ve voted for them. The turnout was pretty good, but it seems some kinks in our polling system didn’t allow some people to vote. Either… …read the full post

As you all know, yesterday was a sad day for over-compensators and rap stars from all over the world, as General Motors announced that the Hummer brand will begin the wind down process, as the sale talks with China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines stopped due to problems with the Chinese government. But all is not lost, as it seems… …read the full post

Yesterday saw the release of the first actual photos of the new 2011 Porsche Cayenne model. The new looks, combined with the multitude of engines and even a hybrid version will definitely bring new fans to the powerful SUV. Now, the Stuttgart company released not one but six new videos, all focusing on the 2011 Cayenne, presenting its design traits,… …read the full post

After a pretty big leak a few weeks ago, BMW has finally decided to showcase the M Sport package for the 2011 BMW X5 facelift edition. As you can see, the M Sport package brings quite a few changes to the X5, including enlarged air inlets, a new front apron and a variety of 19-inch or 20-inch alloy wheels, available in multiple finishes. Customers… …read the full post

The Pagani Zonda is nearing the end of its lifecycle and will soon be replaced by the new C9 model, which promises to continue the legacy of the flamboyant supercar. But it won’t go out without a bang, as the exclusive Italian carmaker announced a one-off tribute model, the Pagani Zonda Tricolore, which honors the Italian Air Force’s acrobatics… …read the full post

Good news and bad news for Honda fans: Mugen decided to tackle the Honda CR-Z hybrid, but the company only released a series of accessories which just make the hatchback “look” fast and won’t improve its rather small power rating of just 122 HP. You will get quite a lot of things to add to the upcoming hybrid hatch, including a full… …read the full post

BMW is taking its “Joy” marketing campaign all over the world. After scoring some big wins with it in Europe, the company has introduced it to North America. But the campaign won’t be focused on just ads or billboards, as it will also be displayed on the 2010 livery for the two BMW M3 race cars that the Rahal Letterman team will be… …read the full post

Rally driver Ken Block has a very special connection to the upcoming 100 Acre Wood Rally, which will take place this weekend. He won it four consecutive times in the last years, and is now aiming for a fifth win. This time however, he’ll be wrangling the new rally-spec 2011 Ford Fiesta model on the dirt roads of the competition. As you all know… …read the full post

Aston Martin wants to make its racing-inclined customers happy, and has just announced that it will be debuting a one-make series in the UK focusing on the Vantage GT4 and the N24 variants. The competition is set to run on five tracks in Britain, plus a bonus one at the famous Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. It is open to anyone owning the aforementioned… …read the full post

Hispano Suiza, in case you haven’t heard, was a Spanish automaker specializing in bespoke products before the World War II. The name has been recently dug up by another company, which is preparing to make it famous once more. How will it do such a thing? With a 750 HP customized Audi R8 V10. It seems that the company went to work quite seriously… …read the full post

The upcoming Geneva Motor Show isn’t only about big carmakers showcasing new models, but also about tuning companies revealing their new projects and bespoke products. One such name is Techart, and it will be showing two projects in the Swiss city. The first is the GTStreet R model, based on the Porsche 911 Turbo. It develops a whopping 660 HP… …read the full post

Hello and welcome to another nominee session for the RPMGO Weekly Awards feature where we honor the best and worst piece of news coming from the automotive industry. It’s been a pretty busy week, leading up to the start of the Geneva Motor Show, so we were literally flooded with good and bad news. As you might remember, you’ll be able to… …read the full post

General Motors is adding another brand to its ever increasing pile of closed down ones, as it has just announced that the Hummer sale talks between it and China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines have stopped. As such, the brand specialized in big, heavy SUVs will begin a wind down process, at the end of which it will be no more. Warranties… …read the full post

Porsche hasn’t really been keeping its 2011 Cayenne SUV a secret in the last few months, as we were treated to both the complete engine lineup, including details about the Cayenne hybrid which will be launched with this new generation, and to a few shots showcasing the undisguised car. Now, a batch of official photos has been leaked before the… …read the full post

Audi is slowly starting to promote its new flagship model, the 2011 A8, and has just released a video demonstrating how many details went into the components of the limousine. From the Bang & Olufsen speakers to the LED headlights or the V8 FSI engine, many of the 2011 A8 components are featured in this ad, with one single motto: The art of progress. Hit… …read the full post