Federal Aviation Administration releases an iPad app Rpmgo.com

Maps are one thing the pilots will never give up, no matter how precise GPS technology is. But since they can’t keep carrying around stacks of maps and since tablets are so portable and quite accessible, of course that there will be an app to solve their problems.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved the use of Apple’s tablet as an alternative to paper charts. But don’t assume that the FAA decided to do this just because it’s trendy. No, sir! They actually tested the iPad as a solution for three months, under strict conditions, until they finally decided it was ok to use it inside their planes’ cockpit.

The fact that the charter company Executive Jet Management’s pilots will use the Apple iPad as a primary source of information will change the entire aviation landscape, because it signals the use of gadgets and platforms as a viable resource for more serious real life applications, like information management in the industrial area.

What do you think about this? Will you be comfortable to know that the pilots flying the plane you’re in are guided by an iPad app or do you need more solid reassurance?

Via Wired.

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