Ferdinand GT3 RS is the world's slowest Porsche | Rpmgo.com

The new Ferdinand GT3 RS has been officially revealed as the world’s slowest “Porsche” yet the most eco-conscious of all, with absolutely zero emissions.

While some of you may be scratching your heads, the model is actually actually made from a cardboard body around a PVC tube chassis, wrapped with gold tin foil and made to look like a regular Porsche 911 sportscar.

It has no engine, so it only gets around with the energy of the driver. Still, this doesn’t mean it’s not lightweight as it tips the scale at just 220 pounds or 99 kg. As any self-respecting Porsche, it also has a massive rear wing, plus front air inlets to help the driver reach dizzying speeds.

Hit the jump to check out a German presentation of the new Ferdinand GT3 RS model. If you want to see this marvel of technology in real life, it is on exhibit at the Museum of Art, in Linz, Austria.

Source: Automarket

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