Ferrari 250 GTO Chassis Sells for $41.5 Million: A New Auction Record

  • A Ferrari 250 GTO, chassis #3765, has been sold at auction for an astronomical £41.5 million, making it the most expensive Ferrari ever auctioned off.
  • This prestigious car is the only 250 GTO run by Scuderia Ferrari, demonstrating its historical significance.
  • The market for Classic Cars has been compared to the high-priced world of rarified art; with such luxury items available only to the very wealthy.
  • Ownership of such a car is seen as more about showing off wealth, status or, as the British would say, ‘willy-waving.’

My hot take? Well, it seems a room full of exhibitionists just had a heck of a party where they spent ungodly amounts of money on ‘rare metal’ a.k.a. the only 250 GTO run by Scuderia Ferrari. Who knew about this wild world of classic cars?! It’s more cloak-and-dagger than the auction scene in a James Bond movie.

In this era where everyone’s trying to out-flex each other, £41.5 million on a classic car seems to be the newest measure in the global Millionaire’s game of ‘mine’s larger than yours’. Let’s all just clasp our hands and admire the elegant ballet of dollar bills raining down on this bid party. All this to sit in the driver’s seat and say, “look at me, I’m driving a piece of automotive history!’’.

I mean, come on, folks! Can this car even go through a drive-thru? But then again, who needs a takeaway coffee when you’re high on the smell of vintage leather and ludicrously wealthy.

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