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Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany

The tuners from Anderson Germany have unveiled their latest project which is this black & white Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition. What they did is cover the roof, side mirrors, hood, door handles and the trunk lid of the car with carbon fiber as well as trimming the rear lights with the material.

Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany

They also developed a new aerodynamic kit that consists of new front bumper flaps, a front lip spoiler, rear lip spoiler, wider side skirts, wind air intake grille, engine air outlets, along with a front bumper ventilation grid.

Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany

The output of the engine has been lifted to 615 hp (623 PS / 458 kW), which is significantly more than the standard 562 hp (570 PS / 420 kW). The car’s new exhaust system features three sound stages which can be adjusted via the bundled remote control.

Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany

The Ferrari 458 Italia Carbon Edition by Anderson Germany rides on a new set of 9 x 21-inch wheels at the front and 12 x 22-inch rims out in the back. The wheels are wrapped around in 255/30-21 tires (front) and 335/25-22 tires (rear).

Source: Anderson Germany via WCF

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Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am

At the beginning of next week, Ferrari will take its Grand Am version of the beautiful 458 Italia model to the Daytona International Speedway. The Italian automaker wants to continue the development of the car and next year they plan to participate in the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series.

The Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am is based on the European GT3 racecar of the company and is being co-developed with Michelotto Automobili. The official debut of the car occurred at the beginning of this week where it did almost 50 test laps on the Fiorano circuit. During the private track sessions that will be held at Daytona on July 26-27, the car will be driven by test drivers Toni Vilander and Jaime Melo who will take turn behind the wheel of this 458.

Ferrari 458 Italia Grand Am

There are several differences between the American Grand Am races and the European 458 Italia GT3, the most important one being the bigger V8 engine that churns 500 hp, which has been fitted with a 48 mm restrictor plate along with a rev limiter. In addition, it has a rollover bar while the breaks have been reconfigured in order to compensate the lack of traction control and ABS. All of the cars that are going to participate in the Grand Am series will be fitted with hard-compound racing tires developed by Continental who is the only available supplier.

Source: Ferrari via Inside Line

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Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by SR Project

Whenever I think of a Ferrari, I always imagine it either red or yellow, never gray. However, this Vancouver-based tuner has decided to give it this special paintwork and I have to say that it looks astonishing.

Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by SR Project

Dubbed “Zeus”, this beautiful 458 Italia features an aerodynamic kit from Novitec that includes a brand new front lip spoiler, a gloss-black roof, side and rear skirts, along with a rear spoiler.

Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by SR Project

Akropovic provided the sport exhaust system for this tuning that probably adds a few ponies to the 458 Italia, but SR Project did not say anything about any additional power. The car now rides on Forgiato Aguzzo wheels, measuring 21 inches in the front and 22 inches out in the back. Also from Novitec, this tuning kit consists of lowering springs for the suspension.

Ferrari 458 Italia Zeus by SR Project

Source: SR Auto Group via TeamSpeed via WCF

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Anderson Germany 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia Black Carbon Edition

The tuners over at Anderson Germany have a thing for black. After revealing the Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition, they’ve come up with this exquisite mob-style Ferrari 458 Italia Black Carbon Edition. Just like the name says, it comes with a black exterior paint with carbon fiber insertions for the exterior mirrors, air inlets and the rear diffuser. Of course, a brand new set of black-painted rims was mandatory for this tuning. Inside the cabin, you’ll find Alcantara and black leather, combined with more carbon fiber inserts.

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Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

I never was a big fan of Mansory because most of their projects are outrageous. One exception would have to be the Siracusa, based on the beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia. Named after a Sicilian raceway, the engine of the car has been upgraded to 590 hp (434 kW) and 413 lb.-ft (560 Nm), which means that it 20 hp / lb.-ft more powerful than the standard version.

Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

With the installation of many carbon fiber body panels that lowered the car’s weight, Mansory says that this 458 Italia is able to sprint to 60 mph in only 3.2 seconds, before hitting a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h).

Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

It sports Siracusa 20-inch wheels in the front and 21-inch out in the back, wrapped in Michelin rubber. Inside there is leather, carbon fiber and the rest of the lot. They’ve also installed a new suspension system that lowers the car by 20 mm.

Mansory Siracusa Ferrari 458 Italia

Just like other Mansory projects, you either love it or hate it.

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Ferrari 458 Italia

As you probably know by now, the Italian automaker Ferrari will be bringing to this year’s Geneva Motor Show the highly-anticipated FF model. According to, they will also bring a “greener” 458 Italia with the HELE System (High Emotion, Low Emission) that will reduce the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions.

Although 99% of the people that buy a Ferrari 458 Italia don’t really care about fuel economy or carbon dioxide emissions, thanks to this HELE technology and the start/stop technology, the car will be able to emit 11% less CO2 emissions, from 307 g/km to 275 g/km. Most likely, the HELE system will be offered as an optional feature.

We’ll let you know once Ferrari reveals the car next week at Geneva.

Source: Carscoop

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Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia

Novitec has been working really hard lately as besides launching the tuning program for the Ferrari California, they will also bring to Geneva an upgrade program for the beautiful 458 Italia. They’ve done a little bit of tweaking to the car’s engine and it now develops 609 hp (448 kW) @ 9,100 rpm and 569 Nm @ 5,400 rpm. In comparison to the standard engine, it offers 40 hp more, allowing the car to hit a top speed of 330 km/h.

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia

Besides the engine compartment, they also offer a few aerodynamic enhancements for the 458 Italia. The car’s body has been developed in the wind tunnel of the University of Stuttgart and many of the parts have been made from carbon fiber in order to lower the weight. The new body kit includes an updated front spoiler, new fender-mounted ventilation louvers, carbon-fiber mirror housing, a rear spoiler and a carbon-fiber diffuser. Even the engine hood and the roof panel are made out of carbon fiber.

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia

Customers will be able to purchase the Novitec 458 Italia with a new set of 21- or 22-inch light alloy rims as well as a new suspension that lowers the car by 35 mm. The wheels are wrapped around Pirelli PZero high-performance rubber, especially made for the car.

Novitec Ferrari 458 Italia

We’ll have more info once the car will have its official debut next month at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

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This year, one of the “hottest” topics was the fires involving the new Ferrari 458 Italia (1, 2, 3, 4) but things cooled down after Ferrari finally came out and admitted something is wrong with their new car and issued a major recall to fix a faulty adhesive used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender. Everything until now, when another 458 caught fire in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not many details are available, like when this happened or if the car was taken to a Ferrari dealer to have the adhesive fixed, but it sure does raise a lot of questions.

Check out two videos of the burning car after the jump. (more…)

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So, what happens when you put a Ferrari vs an Audi? The answer looks pretty obvious, right? Well, let me rephrase then…what happens when you put a 570 hp Ferrari 458 Italia versus a 750 hp Audi RS6 Evotech? I’m not gonna tell you who wins, because you gotta see this!

Apparently the ‘race’ takes place somewhere in Russia, judging by the way the guy speak and by the license plates, though they were kinda reckless showing their number plates, because I’m not sure how legal this little stunt of their is. Enjoy the video after the jump! (more…)

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After a lot of burning Ferrari 458 Italia supercars were reported all over the world, from France to Switzerland or even China, the Italian automaker has decided to issue a voluntary recall.

It seems that the fire-prone supercars suffer from a faulty adhesive, used to attach a heat shield under the rear fender. In high temperatures, that adhesive might ignite, causing a fire in the rear of the car. That is where almost all of the recent fires originated from.

Ferrari 458 Italia owners are advised to head over to dealerships as soon as possible so that a free fix can be implemented, via a new heat shield which is secured by rivets.


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Quick, what do the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Audi R8 and the Tata Nano have in common? Both the supercars and the cheap compact are extremely fire-prone.

After hearing quite a few stories about burning Ferrari 458 Italia models, the Nano is back with a vengeance, as another model went up in flames on the streets of Delhi last week.

It seems that as soon as the owner attempted to turn on the car, sparks came out of the rear, where the engine was located, and a fire immediately started. Fire fighters were quick to intervened but the Nano already burned to a crisp.

A Tata spokesman revealed that the cause of the fire is still unknown, but that people shouldn’t panic, as there are still tens of thousands of Nanos on Indian roads that aren’t burning.

Check out the fire engulf the Tata Nano in the video after the jump.

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We’ve been bombarded with Ferrari 458 Italia models catching fire all around the world in the past few weeks, so even the Italian company took notice of these incidents.

After seeing Ferrari 458 Italia models catching fire in Paris, in Switzerland and heck, even in China, Ferrari has come forward with an official statement, saying that it will investigate all of the cases. At this time though, it is treating all of them as separate accidents, and says that driver error might still be responsible for the blazing 458s.

“The company is currently investigating the particular incidents in which cars have apparently been involved in a vehicle fire, and it is currently treating these as separate incidents,” revealed Ferrari. “Until these investigations are complete, Ferrari is unable to provide any further comment.”

So, there you have it. Ferrari will start investigating the fire-prone 458 Italia models, but until then, remaining owners should stock on fire extinguishers just in case.


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It seems that the Audi R8 should move over as a new model has become the most flammable exotic supercar in the world. We are, of course, talking about the extremely fire-prone Ferrari 458 Italia.

After seeing it burn in France and in Switzerland, we now get to see the first video of a 458 Italia going up in flames in China of all places.

In all seriousness though, Ferrari should definitely look into this problem as if there’s a problem with the supercar, it should be fixed as soon as possible.

Check out the fiery footage below with the burning Ferrari 458 Italia.

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Last week we revealed the scorched remains of what used to be a Ferrari 458 Italia supercar.

Now, photos of the actual car being on fire have appeared, courtesy of our friends from WreckedExotics.

As we can see, it seems that the car was actually owned by a Swiss man, even though in the previous pictures it was surrounded by cars registered in France. The incident took place on July 14, and, luckily, no one was hurt.

It seems that the rear-mounted engine caught fire first, and eventually spread to the rest of the car. In the end, as we saw last week, just a hulking pile of aluminum remained.

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At the end of last week, we reported on a Ferrari 458 Italia catching fire in Paris, France. Luckily for the owner, the blaze was quickly put out thanks to a passerby, and the luxury supercar sustained minimal damage.

Now, it seems that another French 458 Italia owner wasn’t so lucky. The smoldering remains you see above and below are all that remained after the Italian supercar caught fire while being parked in front of the owner’s home.

No one was hurt, but you can be sure that all new Ferrari 458 Italia owners are becoming more and more nervous. Still, at least they don’t own the current most fire-prone supercar, the Audi R8.


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