Ferrari 458 Italia set to become a robot in Transformers 3 |

Do you like Ferraris, big explosions, huge robots and hot chicks? Of course you do! That’s why this newest piece of information about the upcoming Transformers 3 movie will get you really excited.

The film’s director, Michael Bay, has just posted on his website that the movie, set to appear on July 1, 2011, will feature the talent of a new Autobot (those are the good robots, for those not familiar), which will take the shape a stunning Ferrari 458 Italia supercar.

No other data about the Italian Autobot was given, so we’re crossing our fingers and hoping that it won’t be a racial stereotype like what Transformers 2 did with two Chevrolet Spark-based bots. Either way, the movie is set to visit, and subsequently blow up, locations like “Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China,” according to Bay.

Among the real-life actors set to appear include Shia LaBeouf (boo!), Megan Fox (yay!) and even John Malkovich. The project is entering pre-production, so until next year, we’re going to have to wait a while until we’ll see a Ferrari robot.

Source: MichaelBay

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