Ferrari 458 Italia to get hardtop convertible version? –

Back in the day, when sportscar manufacturers released a fast coupe, you could be sure that a convertible version, boasting a folding cloth top wasn’t that far away.

Now, things are changing, as more and more carmakers are using convertible hardtops, due to the increased resistance and better insulation.

Ferrari is the latest to join the club, as its California model has a folding hardtop. According to some new rumors though, the even sportier 458 Italia model will also receive a similar assembly for its future convertible version.

Before you say that this is a horrible idea, due to the added weight of such a mechanism, it seems Ferrari engineers know what they’re doing. When researching the California, the crew found out that with the right materials and know-how, a folding hardtop would be even lighter than a folding cloth top.

This means that when the 458 Italia receives its convertible version, a hardtop configuration isn’t out of the question.

For what it’s worth, Ferrari hasn’t commented on this rumor.

Source: TeamSpeed via Autoblog

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