Ferrari 599 GTO starts at $430,000 (€319,495) according to leaked pricing sheet –

The imminent release of the Ferrari 599 GTO has really sparked a huge amount of interest in the fans of the Italian supercar manufacturer. We were already treated with a presumably leaked photo of the 599 GTO, but now a new piece of the puzzle appeared, containing the pricing sheet of the new performance Ferrari.

So, how rich do you need to be in order to snag one of the scheduled 500 units set to be made? Quite a lot (ain’t that a shocker?). The base price for the Ferrari 599 GTO starts at €319,495 or around $430,000, at current exchange rates.

But that’s not all, it seems that for all that money you still won’t be getting a fully-decked out performance model. There are a lot of various features you can opt to add, from full leather or Alcantara interior, to a carbon fiber engine bay or a four-point harness, all for a (large) price.

You can check out the leaked Ferrari 599 pricing sheet here, and a select few might also start making arrangements with the bank.

Source: Autogespot via Autoblog

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