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The new Ferrari California is a very attractive car, combining some sleek design lines with high end performance, trademark of the Italian automaker. But what the Italians can do, the Germans can improve, at least in this car’s case, as Hamann Motorsport decided to tinker with the California and see just what it can come up with.

The result is a new tuning offer from Hamann which will reprogram the ECU of the California, thus offering a 20% improvement of the stock 4.3-liter V8 engine, which will now output 552 HP. Besides this mechanical modification, the German tuner will also outfit the car with 21-inch alloy wheels, connected to new progressive suspension springs which lower by more than one inch the new Ferrari.

Of course the aerodynamics and the exterior look couldn’t have been forgotten, as Hamann outfitted a new front spoiler consisting of two pieces, which has an integrated side molding made of carbon fiber. New custom side vents, side skirts and a new rear wing have also been added, in order to complete the bodykit, which can be delivered to the client in either fiberglass or carbon fiber, depending on the preferences.

While it may not seem that much of a modification as opposed to the standard model, if you want to really make your new Ferrari California stand out from the pack, you might want to visit Hamann Motorsport.

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