Ferrari CEO teases next Enzo, talks about carbon fiber |

Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa recently talked with Autocar concerning a number of various subjects. We’ve already heard the Italian boss talk about the possibility of a four-door Ferrari (zero!) and now the comapny head talked about the next Enzo hypercar and the use of carbon fiber in future models.

As you all know, Ferrari’s product plan has a replacement for the Enzo hypercar scheduled to appear around 2012, and become the new halo car for the rest of the lineup. According to Felisa, the new car will certainly use carbon fiber, given its limited number of scheduled models, but might also see its power come from a twin-turbo direct injection V8, a massive decrease in cylinders from the Enzo’s V12 engine.

According to Felisa, the future Enzo will showcase what Ferrari can do. Smaller engines like V6 units for the rest of the models have been ruled out. The Italian CEO says customers directly associate the number of cylinders with the power output, so until that changes, Ferrari is sticking to V8, V10 and even V12 engines.

In terms of carbon fiber, Felisa says his company won’t go the route of other carmakers, like BMW or Mercedes-Benz, which both announced partnerships with specialty companies in order to use the material on future models. Ferrari, on the other hand, will only use carbon fiber on limited editions, as the research on how the lightweight material handles in long term real life conditions is still insufficient.

Source: Autocar

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