Ferrari F150 Launched

Ferrari F150

Ferrari is hoping that with the help of their new F150 racer they will grab the title in the upcoming Formula One season which should be the most interesting in its long and exciting history. The new car is the company’s 57 single-seater F1 racer and features a bundle of innovative characteristics, most of them due to the new season regulations imposed by FIA.

This new F150 model features a different dimension fuel cell, the KERS system and a new hydraulically controlled adjustable rear wing. The power is provided by the V8 2398 cm3 cast aluminum Type 056 engine with electronic injection and ignition. With a weight of less than 100 kg, the engine will send the power to the rear wheels of the F150 with the help of a longitudinal semiautomatic, sequential electronically controlled transmission with 7 gears + reverse. In addition, the car has a limited slip differential. The weight of the F1 car is only 640 kg.

Ferrari F150

The Ferrari F150 is built on a very light carbon fiber and honeycomb structure and features an independent suspension system that has push-rod activated torsion springs. To stop the car, the engineers at the company installed carbon-fiber disc brakes developed by Brembo. The F150 rides on 13-inch BBS rims.

Alonso hopes that this new F1 racer will bring him the third title in his career. We’ll have to wait and see if he can beat the Red Bulls this year.

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