Ferrari F430 destroyed in Russian crash |

Looks like young Russians have a big problem keeping their cars intact. After about a month ago a Chrysler Crossfire hit a truck, with the two Chrysler passenger lost their lives, another tragedy was about to happen, this time in Moscow. According to the reports, a 19 year old Russian teen was doing more than 125 mph in his Ferrari F430, when he lost control of the car and smashed into a Range Rover. Amazingly, the Ferrari driver (whose dad seems to be one of Russia’s top bank managers) and the passenger are alive and they were taken to a local hospital and it looks like they’re gonna be ok. As for the Range Rover’s passengers, no serious injuries were reported.

What else can we add? Except that we’re glad everyone’s ok but the photos of the destroyed Ferrari really broke our hearts. We just hope this will be a lesson to the kids and next time dad let’s them drive one of his supercars they’ll be more careful because they might not get that lucky again.

Photo Gallery: Ferrari F430 crash in Russia

[ Source: (Via Jalopnik) ]

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