Ferrari Shaves Off Biggest CO2 Among Supercar Automakers –

2011 Ferrari California

We live in a world in which more and more governments are trying to bow to the public pressure of lowering down CO2 emissions and one of the first segments that they take into consideration is the automotive industry. In the United States for example, the government has imposed a 34.1 mpg fleet-wide fuel economy standard for the year 2016, while in Europe most of the governments want to put a limit on the CO2 levels, something that would greatly affect supercar makers like Ferrari.

We can already see that the Italian company is worried about this potential problem as both its F1 and road car divisions are working on new methods of reducing fuel consumption and cutting down on the CO2 emissions. Their first results include the development of a hybrid prototype, research on biofuels, fitting the cars with more fuel efficient dual clutch gearboxes and introducing the injection technology.

The result? Well, they’ve managed to shave off the fleet average of CO2 emissions to 326 g/km last year, which is 46 g/km lower than 2009, according to the figures revealed by JATO Dynamics. In other words, Ferrari has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 12%, which is approximately half the total reduction mainstream car manufacturers should achieve by 2015. Ferrari did way better than other supercar manufacturers like Aston Martin (0.6%), Bentley (1.9%) and Lamborghini (1.5%).

However, don’t be fooled about Ferrari’s CO2 emissions reductions, because the lineup is not that greener. The reason for this is because the reduction targets are a fleet average figure that is calculated by using a mix of sales of individual cars. In other words, the popular models will have the greatest influence on the final numbers.

For Ferrari, the California is the most popular model, accounting 46% of the company’s sales, and it has a CO2 rating of 301 g/km. This helped the Italian automaker lower the average of CO2 emissions from 326 g/km.

While some managed to reduce CO2 emissions by only a few percents, and others did considerably better, the general trend is that almost all manufacturers are working hard on making their cars more fuel efficient and friendlier to the nature.

Source: JATO Dynamics via AutoCar via GreenCarReports | Photo: LeftLaneNews

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