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Happy times are coming for those who have pockets deep enough to purchase a Ferrari. Even used these worldwide known supercars have held their ground as some of the most exotic and powerful cars in the supercar and exotic class.

A couple of years ago there were a lot of rumors that Ferrari would be working on a project for a model car to fit below the F430. The result was the Ferrari California. And along side the new Ferrari model, a new and amazing feat is available to the buyers. A so called “Power Warranty” that extends the warranty over a used Ferrari car up to the unequalled period of 24 months.

On order to enhance the already known reputation for Ferrari cars when it comes to reliability the manufacturers have extended this Power Warranty policy to an impressive variety of cars that include the certified pre-owned models in the 360, F430, 550/575, 599 and 612 ranges, including all variants: coupes, roadsters and lightweight models. This policy extends a limitation to the coverage of the warranty: no more than eight years old and with no more than 90,000 kilometers on the odometer.

It would be a dangerous risk for them to approve a warranty for cars that surpass those parameters because despite the high reliability and rafined built of the Ferrari legacy, we have to take into consideration the fact that overall these are cars that aren’t ment to go for a stride driving at 30 mph. Exotic cars of these high performances are built to do only one thing: run at blazing speed leaving burned rubber behind.

Ferrari is the first manufacturer to provide such an extended duration for a warranty, especially for a used car, as long as it is purchased from an official Ferrari dealer. The warranty remains with the automobile for 24 months from the purchase date provided that it is correctly maintained, annual inspection included. That inspection can only be done at an Official Dealer or an Authorized repair shop within the last 30 days of the first 12 months period. Added to this, another feature has been granted to the customers that are members of the Ferrari Approved program: they receive a free subscription to the Ferrari Magazine and the Ferrari Roadside Assistance service for the entire duration of the warranty. This is a very useful feat since every months Ferrari developers enhance the performances and reliability of the Ferrari and are published along side useful tips to maintain your Ferrari.

Ferrari Warranty Used Car

The Ferrari Approved program offers reassurance for customers that buy a Ferrari up to eight years old. Giving a support of a warranty underwritten by Ferrari, and a 190 point technical inspection, Ferrari Approved is a testament to the company’s confidence in the everlasting appeal.

The warranty features several services offered by the Ferrari Approved program:

190 point comprehensive and detailed technical inspection, only Ferrari genuine parts are used to repair the vehicle, independent verification of mileage and ownership history. All of these make job of the owner a lot simpler when it comes to maintaining the car so that he can have peace of mind.

The entire range of Ferrari Approved cars can be checked out on the website, which gives full details of each car that is placed for sale through the Official Ferrari Dealer.

If you think you have enough to get one of those babies, then it’s worth it.

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