FIA introduces new top 10 points system in Formula 1 and WRC |

Motorsport competitions offer a wide array of thrills to both the viewers and the drivers, as you never know what might happen until the race is over. That’s when the line is drawn and the points are given out.

In recent times though, the points systems in various competitions have been changed from year to year, as there were always some people which said that they didn’t reward the winner accordingly or that the points were given to just five or eight drivers.

Now though, the FIA, the reigning body in most motorsport competitions, has introduced a new top 10 points system, which will award the first 10 drivers to finish a race on a basis of 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1. This new system has already been adopted by Formula 1 and the World Rally Championship (WRC), and will be used for the up coming 2010 season.

Let’s hope that this new points system won’t change anytime soon and award the drivers as they should be.

Source: Autosport via Autoblog

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