Fiat 500 and more Auto Unleashed news –

Yesterday, I had the chance to drive the new Fiat 500 and I must say it’s quite a cool car. I’ll write a post with all my impressions, next week. Meanwhile, you can check out the photo gallery, here.

Also, next week, we’ll post the Audi A4 review. Though we drove the car back in March, at the Geneva Motor Show, we also wanted to make a video of the A4, but our video editing skills suck, so we decided to publish the review as it is now. We’re sorry it took so long, but we really wanted to make a quality material.

We also want to start a new section. Because some of you, our readers, sent us photos of your rides, we’ll start the “AU Readers’ Cars” section, which will include photos of your cars. So, if you want to share your rides and your thoughts, please drop an e-mail at It would be cool to see what we drive, because, after all, we all love our cars, even if it’s an old piece of junk or a brand new Bugatti Veyron.

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