Fiat highlights 2011 plans: new Panda and Chrysler models rebadged as Lancia ones |

2009 was largely crippled by the economic downturn, and because he wanted his corporation to withstand and not waste any big sums of money, Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne imposed a spending freeze, which delayed quite a few models from being released on the market.

Now though, the freeze has been lifted, and Fiat is once again preparing new models for the European market like the upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulietta, which will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

Marchionne also seized the opportunity in a recent conference call to confirm that a replacement for the Panda is being prepared, alongside rebadged versions of the Chrysler 300C, Voyager, Sebring sedan and cabriolet, which will sport the Lancia name in Europe.

While up until now we were talking about seeing Lancia models get the Chrysler badge treatment, as it has happened already with the Delta hatchback, it seems Marchionne will also take from the US company and give to its Italian brand, in order to strengthen it.

Source: Autocar

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