Fiat Punto EVO has been revealed, to sport Euro 5 engines |

Posted on 6-10-2009 by Andrey

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Fiat definitely wanted to make an impact when it launched the new Punto EVO, as it revealed it to the automotive press on Italy’s flagship plane carrier, the Cavour. Sporting a wide array of technological improvements, a new style from Fiat’s Centro Stile, the new EVO will bridge the gap between the Bravo and the Panda, and hopes to offer a reliable and cheap alternative to models like the Polo.

Another notable bullet point for the new Punto is the fact that all of its engines will meet strict Euro 5 emissions regulations, meaning cheaper taxes and a more relaxed sleep for eco-conscious drivers. On the inside, the old plastics have been replaced with ones of a higher quality, reflecting the more premium-oriented look of the car.

The exterior has certainly received a lot of improvements, starting from the more angular front and rear lights to the redesigned spoilers and sharped front bumper. In terms of safety, the EVO will definitely have you covered, as it will have seven airbags as standard, including one for your knees, alongside systems like ABS, EBD, ESP and Hill-Holder. Start-Stop technology has also been fitted to the Punto in order to save up on fuel.

The price hasn’t been revealed but expect the new Punto EVO to be available across Europe in the following months.

Source: Automarket