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For all those people with money to burn and performance cars to race on public roads, here’s a quick tip: whatever you do, don’t go speeding in Switzerland. One Swedish Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG owner found this out the hard way, as he was clocked by the traffic camera doing a whopping 186 mph (300 km/h) on the highway between Bern and Lausanne…. …read the full post

It seems that Ohio police officers are some type of evolved humans, as the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that cops can now issue speeding tickets based on just their estimates. That’s right, if the officer believes you were doing 100 mph, then you can’t do anything against that. No more radars or speed cameras, the Ohio cop eye is now the best… …read the full post

As we reported yesterday, Toyota did formally announce that it is going to pay the fine the NHTSA and the Department of Transportation imposed on it, worth $16.4 million. At the same time, the Japanese company didn’t admit any wrongdoing in regards to how it handled the two huge recalls it made at the beginning of the year. The fine was paid… …read the full post

As most of you know, Toyota issued some huge recalls, affecting around 8 million vehicles, at the beginning of the year. According to the NHTSA, the carmaker knew for quite some time about the defects, but didn’t do anything about it. As such, the federal agency announce at the beginning of the month that it will fine the Japanese company with… …read the full post

Toyota received a pretty big blow this past weekend, as the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association announced that they will issue a fine of $16.4 million to the Japanese carmaker. According to new reports, seeing as how it isn’t “that” big a fine, at least in comparison to the profits the… …read the full post

It turns out that all those Toyota hearings, inquiries and investigations launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Department of Transportation did result in something worthwhile for the average consumer. The NHTSA and DOT revealed that it will fine Toyota with $16.4 million, the maximum penalty allowed in this scenario,… …read the full post