First leaked photos of 2011 BMW 335is appear |

Last week BMW revealed the 2011 facelift for the 3 Series Coupe and Cabriolet editions, which included not only a restyled exterior, but also some new engines for the whole lineup.

But by far the biggest news arriving with this facelift was the rumored appearance of the 335is in both coupe and cabriolet flavors. This new performance edition will be powered by the N54 twin-turbo engine, which develops 322 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque in regular. I’m saying regular mode, because the new models will have an overboost function which adds another 37 lb-ft, taking the total to 369 lb-ft of total torque.

Besides the increased power of the engine, the 335is will have a sports exhaust system, with black chrome tailpipes, an additional water cooler, a high output cooling fan and will see its fog lights removed for … you guessed it, additional engine cooling. The new “is” model will feature the seven-speed double clutch transmission as an option.

Up until now though, we could only speculate on the car, but thanks to a clever leak, discovered by the guys at BMWBlog, a batch of photos showcasing the performance model have been revealed, confirming that it will arrive soon.

Source: BMWBlog

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