First photos of the Toyota FT-86 Concept revealed, Toyota and Subaru’s RWD sports coupe –

Toyota fans were forced up until a few years ago to look to the past and remember the great models which came from the land of the rising sun: the AE86, the Supra, the MR2, the Celica. Sadly though, no other RWD sports coupes were developed by the company which seemingly abandoned its sporting heritage in favor of hybrid cars and SUVs.

But when the company announced that it will partner with Subaru, which continued developing its Impreza model, in order to create a brand new RWD sports coupe, fans were anxious once more and believed that the Celica would make a comeback. After many rumors and speculations, it seems that the two companies will finally unveil a pre-production concept of the new FT-86.

The new sports model, whose name is a nod to the iconic AE86 Sprinter Trueno (the hachi roku), will be powered by Subaru’s 2-liter four-cylinder boxer engine, but no power readings were offered by the two companies. It will power the rear wheels and, according to some rumors, it might generate anywhere from 150 HP to even 200 HP.

“The FT-86 Concept is neither an electric vehicle nor a hybrid vehicle, but is a sports model with a gasoline engine developed to convey the essential appeal of automobiles in a new era. It is a must-see concept car that expresses TMC’s desire to once again create a Toyota sports car,” revealed the Japanese car maker on its official site.

While the interior still looks like that of a futuristic concept, the outside design, penned at Toyota’s bureau in Nice, France, might receive only minor changes when it will go into production in 2011. Enjoy the photos in this article and stay tuned for more information as the new concept will be revealed at the end of the month at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Source: CarScoop

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