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Even if you rent a car you should still think about insurance because that should be the main concern of any responsible driver. In Florida it’s quite easy to solve the problem of rental car insurance because the packages available on the market have been especially designed for travelers and include all the features needed in order to legally drive your car in Florida.

You get to choose between two main packages available. There is the Normal package that includes all the necessary types of insurance to safely drive your rental car in Florida and also the taxes you need to pay and the airport costs. This Florida rental car insurance package will cover the rented car no matter the miles you will be driving. Some of the companies that offer this package also allow a second driver to drive the car. That’s a nice feature especially if you plan a road trip with your family. The deal doesn’t include fuel. You can have the car delivered to a certain location and pay for the fuel tank at the pickup site. When you return the car you can leave the tank empty. Another option is to request a rental car with a full tank and return it with the tank in the same condition so that you won’t be asked to pay more money.

The upgraded version of this package includes the same options as the Normal package: full insurance coverage, the airport charges, the taxes involved and no mileage limit. The only difference is that the number of drivers on the Florida car rental insurance policy can go up to three or more different persons. This package is commonly known as the Diamond package and almost all the suppliers of Florida rental car insurance offer the same features as part of this package.

Another piece of advice I consider important is to avoid buying the insurance from a desk in the airport. The Florida rental car insurance you buy from such places tends to have a higher price than the insurance policy one decides to buy in advance from the rental company. This difference in price is due to the fact that the cars part of the rental fleet is bought all at once for the purpose of paying less money.

But before deciding to buy separate Florida rental car insurance you should check if the insurance of the car you own doesn’t also include this type of coverage. Theoretically, when you rent a car the same liability limits should apply as well as the same deductible. Another possibility may be offered by your credit card because some of them also offer coverage for a rented car as long as it is provided by a certain agency. But in this case you should know that some credit card companies limit the number of days the insurance is valid and make it available only for certain car makes and models. In addition some of these policies only include collision and comprehensive coverage, so you should pay attention. Before deciding, take into consideration that a rental car insurance policy usually includes a liability policy that applies to the claims made by others and a Loss Damage Waiver that is not a typical insurance. It’s more of an agreement used by the rental company to assure its client that he won’t be held responsible for the damages suffered by the car as result of an accident.

The conclusion is that you should buy rental car insurance only if the other car insurance policies you have don’t cover this particular situation.

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