Force Dynamics’ Gaming Simulator Chairs

I have written the other day about F1 racing stimulator playseat and about how difficult it gets for a producer from gaming industry to totally give to gamers the same feeling as driving a real car. It’s true that graphics are currently significantly improved and the processors are more powerful, but there is still the problem of not getting feedback from the road and of not really having the sensation of being on the track.

Lately, companies from the gaming industry have done really huge efforts to overcome those problems, investing in research of human behavior while driving, to come up with solutions and creating the perfect similar feeling of driving to any player. From them, Force Dynamics has done pretty cool things, only by understanding how the human brain receives the information about speed and inertial force in motion. To achieve the right driving feeling, their 401 system features full four-axis motion movements, surround sound speakers and HD displays. Mostly, the stimulator looks like an open top race car.

It’s really interesting to see how they have discovered a way to trick our senses, so that our brain to have the impression of car motion, by visuals, noise, vibration to the experience and by leaning the whole system. Which is great is the system’s ability to rotate a full 360-degree really fast, important in the moments in which your car is spinning: Force Dynamics system is capable of 1:1 ratio between the vehicle rotation and the simulation provided.

When it comes to sound of the engine while driving, we all know that this sensation is quite difficult to imitate. Yet, in this case, the subwoofer is place directly below the seat, providing low frequency vibrations, and the monitor, place in front of the driver, rotates in the same direction and angle with the rest of the system, creating a pretty good equivalent.

The simulator can be placed in any personal home, being really strong, because of its low carbon-steel material in fabrication. As you can imagine, the simulator chair isn’t cheap at all, ranging between $55,000 and $75,000. Probably, for a gaming passionate, this system is all that he could have ever dreamed of, for some, it might be totally deceptive.

What do you think about those innovating discoveries that have allowed the development of such technologies? Do you think this system worth the price?

[Source: Topspeed]

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