Ford and GM tease each other on Twitter |

This morning I was trying to catch up with what some of the stuff I missed last week on Twitter and I came across this pretty funny repliy exchange between GM’s official Twitter stream (@gmblogs), GM’s director of social media (@cbarger) and Ford’s head of social media (@ScottMonty). It all started when GM announced CEO Fritz Henderson’s live Twitter session last Tuesday.

After the announcement, Scott Monty was a little ironic, welcoming Henderson and also making a hidden refference to Alan Mulally’s “debut” on Twitter, which took place last December:

And here’s GM’s reply, which basically says “PWND!”:

Christopher Barger (@cbarger), GM’s director of social media also replied:

Scott’s reaction to both replies was pretty fair-play (at least we didn’t sense any irony there):

Anyway, despite the irony in these tweets, it’s really amazing to see high executives like Henderson and Mulally taking interest in social media and spending time connecting with ‘regular’ people. Good job and we hope you’ll keep it up! Oh, and by the way, if you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to follow us @rpmgo (we’ve just hit 700 followers) and @vladbalan.

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