Ford and M-Sport unleash Fiesta S2000 rally car, videos and photo gallery included –

Ford’s new Fiesta model is definitely one of the new sensations in the automotive industry, bringing with it the revival of the Blue Oval in the mind of young consumers every where. This is highlighted even more by the great sales the compact car has enjoyed, even if it hasn’t reached North American shores yet.

In order to further promote the small model’s aggressive side, the team at Ford decided to collaborate with racing experts M-Sport (not to be confused with BMW’s M division) and revealed yesterday this stunning model: the Ford Fiesta S2000.

No, it isn’t a cross between the Fiesta and Honda’s S2000 model, as this rally car will be able to enter competitions like the S2000 World Cup, IRC or even Aatos and Aamu’s Finnish Tree Bash, all specialized rally competitions.

Don’t go thinking it’s all show and no go, as Ford included the 2.0-liter I4 Duratec S2000 engine, which develops 280 HP and 192 lb-ft of torque, with a redline at 8,000 rpm. The engine will be connected to a permanent all-wheel drive system and a sequential manual transmission fitted with an AP clutch. The braking will be handled by a Brembo system which can be adjusted, along with the whole car, depending on the surface on which it will race.

The slim car, which weighs 2,640 pounds (around 1,200 kg) will be homologated in January 2010, making it prime and ready for the next season of motorsport competitions.

Hit the jump to see the two promotional videos of the new car, one filmed in “spy shot” style, and enjoy the gallery below.

Photo Gallery: Ford Fiesta S2000

Source: Fiesta S2000 via Autoblog

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