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The insurance market is always ready to offer something for any car owner with an interest in his car’s “well-being”. In the same time, car manufacturers have started to also be interested in offering their customers not only cars to drive, but also safe, cheap and reliable means that can help them keep safe their cars in case of an accident.

This is also the case of the Ford Company that has especially designed for the people who drive its cars a special Ford car insurance that is comprehensive, trying to offer special features and services for these drivers. You can easily obtain an online quote and compare the offer provided with other similar insurance packages provided by other insurance companies on the market.

According to Defaqto which granted the Ford car insurance five stars, this is one of the best insurance offers you can find on the marker if you are a Ford driver. And it’s true. The features that describe Ford’s offer are pretty impressive. First of all there is the guarantee that all the repairs will be performed using genuine Ford parts and by skilled mechanics that work in Ford approved repair shops. The company has also tried to improve the communication between the insurer and the Ford driver client by offering personal customer manager service. As a result, you will be able to address the questions you have directly to a customer manager that has the knowledge necessary to give you straight and accurate answers.
The Ford insurance premium also includes a courtesy car that will be provided the moment your cars enters an approved Ford repair shop after an accident occurs. In addition, the standard policy also includes coverage for the car’s accessories. That’s great especially if you have a child because as your insurer, the Ford Company will pay for any damages sustained by a child car seat you own or by your roof racks and cycle carriers. The coverage also extends to CD players, phones and other communication equipment that your car might be equipped with and is unlimited. They also offer up to £750 coverage for your portable satellite navigation system as long as it’s stolen from a locked boot. The coverage offered is doubled by other services like free legal advice and the option to address your claims to a team based in the UK that is available 24 hours a day. You will also receive a three year warranty for all the repairs that are made to your car in a Ford approved shop.

Another interesting offer, Ford designed especially for those who have just become Ford owners, is the 7 days of free Ford insurance. You will leave their dealership not only with a new car but also with a comprehensive cover that will help your dealer register and tax the vehicle and will give you the time necessary to arrange all the details related to your annual insurance. This is an offer available on new Ford cars, but also on used Ford vehicles.

Ford car insurance can also come with a discount as long as you decide to buy the policy online. The value of the discount will be of 14% of the premium’s value. If you request an online quote, it will usually include this discount as well. You should also know that this discount applies only to the vehicle’s for which the year of manufacture is the same with that of the coverage start date. This is another reason why you should consider Ford car insurance if you are the owner of a Ford.

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