Ford Explains Its Complex Pothole Testing Methods –

Although the government in England spends a lot of money in fixing the country’s potholes, Ford is eager to demonstrate it still tests its automobiles for their ability to resist big pavement gaps. The automaker said that its cars undergo thorough tests consisting of thousands of miles across two proving grounds in order to make sure that the vehicles don not sustain damage when they face uneven surfaces.

In Belgium, the Lommel Proving Ground has an inch-by-inch recreation of a very popular bad English road and even more abusive road conditions are simulated at the company’s Dunton Proving Ground, located in Essex, England. Ford stated that between these two facilities, they test every wheel and tire combination sold on its entire European-spec lineup of cars.

If you are thinking that the entire budget for this operation is pretty expensive, you would be right as each test vehicle is strapped with around $2.5 million worth of electronic gizmos that were designed to register and record the effect of each pothole strike. The automaker collects the data and uses it for improving its current suspension systems as well as coming up with new ones.

Source: Ford via Autoblog

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