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Offroad racing fans don’t have to wait anymore because DiRT 3 launch date is today.

Check out DiRT 3′s official Codemasters page and get the lastest tools, videos and news about the game. DiRT 3 is available starting today in US stores and can be played on PC, Play Station and Xbox 360.

Some of the shipment offers include parts (1/16) of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Fiesta model. You can find out more about that on


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2012 US-spec Ford Fiesta

The Blue Oval’s Fiesta sub-compact has been fitted with three new packages, one for the exterior and the other two of for the interior. Customers can now choose an Oxford White or a Race Red interior that comes with a personalized look with two-tone colored components. These interior packages are said to be inspired from the glamorous world of fashion and are available for the SEL and SES trim levels, featuring contrasting interior accent colors on the center console, the rings that surround the air vents as well as on the door panels.

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Ford Fiesta

With its latest generation of the Fiesta, Ford has managed to sell more than one million units in Europe (they also sell the car in the United States). This important milestone was achieved by the Blue Oval 28 months after the model was introduced in Europe, in October 2008. The EU-spec version of the Fiesta is available in a three- and five-door configuration and is manufactured at the company’s factories in Valencia, Spain and Cologne, Germany.

Ford Fiesta

The automaker said that since the original Fiesta was introduced back in 1976, they’ve managed to sell more than 14 million units. Ford said that almost 25% of the buyers come from the United Kingdom, customers that have purchased 239,472 units since late 2008. 70% of the UK sales consist of the five-door model, 76% picked a gasoline engine and almost 10% chose an automatic gearbox. The most popular color choice among Fiesta buyers is Panther black.

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta Titanium model will get a Sony radio with CD player, USB and Bluetooth as standard features. The car also has automatic headlights and cruise control. 20% of the customers bought the top-of-the-line Titanium trim level.

Ford Fiesta

Source: Ford

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Who doesn’t want to buy a prestige car like a Jaguar, a BMW, a Mercedes or a Ferrari? It’s the dream of every person to have one of these “beauties” in his garage. Even if these cars are more expensive than the regular ones and need extra money to repair and maintain, the luxury features such as cruise control, leather interior or sound technology, which provide you the comfort you need, are all worth the extra money.

Sometimes, these cars represent the wealth and the welfare of the people who own them. So, if you fell that a prestige car is the one for you should take a look at my options. These options are among the most desired cars on Earth, man made.

Who didn’t see the Bond movies and the car drove by him, the amazing Aston Martin? This car has a history and it is the finest prestige car on the market. It’s made by the best automobile engineers in the field. Their mission is to make cars which combine “power, beauty and soul” and they manage to do that every time. The list of Aston Martin cars is long, so you can choose taking into account how much money do you want to spend. So you can buy a 2009 Aston Martin Vantage Silver or a 2010 4 doors Aston Martin Rapide.

Another prestige car is the Bentley, which is the most exquisite car of all. It represents style and pure comfort on wheels and every time you drive one of these cars you must know that everybody will turn the head and admire its elegance. There are a lot of models from which to pick and choose, starting with the Bentley Continental Mulliner 6.0 V12 and going back to some other older models.

The most stylish and exquisite saloon car is the Jaguar. The words which describe it are beauty, power and elegance. So, you can buy the most recent models on the market, such as the 2010 Jaguar XJ Series Diesel or the Jaguar XF 3.0 Diesel Portfolio 2011.

I think that everybody love the cars made by Ferrari. This brand is the symbol of performance and because of that all the people like the “Prancing Horse”. I think that you will agree that Ferrari is the winner when it comes to style. Choose the model you want: even if it is a 2008 Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano or a 1997 Ferrari F50 Ferrari Classiche, people’s reaction will be the same and that beauty will always get the highest wow factor.

But if you want a 4×4 car, you must buy the most exquisite one and that’s the Land Rover. This car is the more secure and safe car you can drive in your town or on off-road terrain. The list of Land Rovers is wide and can satisfy all tastes. You can buy a 2011 Land Rover Discovery Diesel or a 51 Land Rover Freelander depending on your finances.

These are the winners when it comes to prestige, but you can enjoy luxury even on a smaller budget. Nowadays, many of the mass-production manufactures have included the extra luxury items in their car production. That’s why you will be able to afford a Ford Fiesta equipped with reversing cameras or a Sony DAB radio.

If you want to fulfill a dream you must invest time and money, but every penny will seem well spent in the end.

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Superchips Ford Fiesta

Yesterday the guys over at Superchips revealed their new power upgrade for the Ford Fiesta, the model equipped with the 1.6 TDCi engine. By remapping the ECU, the engineers were able to squeeze an additional number of 23 ponies @ 4,275 rpm and 36 Nm of torque @ 4,159 rpm. This tuning program can be installed for both the 88 hp and the 95 hp versions of the 1.6 TDCi engine. The increase in torque is produced right around the rev range which will allow the Fiesta drivers to overtake other cars easily, at least that’s what Superchips said in the official press release.

According to Superchips, with the help of this ECU remap, this Fiesta model is able to outrun the top-of-the-line Zetec S model that offers 118 hp. More than that, the fuel consumption will remain at the same level, despite the power increase and in some cases the car will be more fuel efficient thanks to the low rev torque available.

Superchips have announced that this upgrade will be for sale in about 80 centers around the United Kingdom, at a starting price of 399 pounds (including VAT + installation). Customers will also get a 12 month / 30,000 supplementary full vehicle warranty when they buy the remap package.

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While car companies are launching dedicated iPhone applications for some of their more popular models, Ford is going one step further, and has released a dedicated iPad app for the 2011 Fiesta model.

The new app is basically a full pledged brochure, and allows customers to read all about the Fiesta’s technologies, safety systems, performance and features. You can also watch videos of the Fiesta in action and interact with things like a virtual center console.

The new iPad app is already available on the iTunes store, and has also been showcased in a video by Ford itself. See it in action after the jump.

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After making us quite a while for Gymkhana Three, and then releasing a pretty shoddy music video for an annoying song, we can finally say that rally driver and stunt man Ken Block has officially redeemed himself.

How? By releasing the new Gymkhana Thee Part 2 video.

Shot on location in France, at the famed l’Autodrome de Linas, a banked circuit built in 1924, Gymkhana Three really showcases what made the first three videos (including 2.1) so popular all over the Internet.

Without further a do, hit the jump to see Ken Block push his 650 HP Ford Fiesta to new (smoky) heights and really wear the rubber right off the rims. Enjoy!

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Ford has revealed a brand new competition, entitled 43 Fiestas.

The contest is open to all residents of the USA, and offers a lot of interesting prizes. These include 43 LCD TVs, 43 all expenses paid trip to the Ford 400 Nascar race, and one customized Ford Fiesta for one of the lucky 43 people invited to the race. What’s more, if Ford driver AJ Allmendinger wins the Nascar race, the rest of the 42 contest winners will walk away with a free Ford Fiesta.

Without a doubt, the contest will be quite popular. In order to hype it up even more, the Blue Oval has released an interesting video showcasing Nascar legend Richard ‘The King’ Petty watching AJ Allmendinger with his #43 Ford Fusion Nascar race car take on rally driver Ken Block in his #43 Fiesta model.

Needless to say, this is a must watch, so check it out after the jump. Afterwards, register for the 43 Fiestas contest at this address.

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Well, we’ve waited for quite a long time to see Ken Block and his new Gymkhana Three video, starring the brand new, 600 HP Ford Fiesta rally car, but it seems we’re going to wait a bit more.

DC Shoes did release the first part of the Gymkhana Three, but unlike previous installments, where Block went all out, this time it’s an actual music video, with Block just making a few appearances in his DC Shoes apparel line. For anyone interested, the song is Clicking, performed by rap duo The Cool Kids.

Expect the second (and real) part of Gymkhana Three in the following weeks. Until then, score some glimpses of Block and his Fiesta in the video after the jump.

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Most of you guys may already know this, but for those of you not up to date, today is the day when rally driver and stunt man Ken Block will launch his Gymkhana Three video.

Get ready for more drifting, powersliding, stunts and more as Block will throw around his 600 HP modified Ford Fiesta around an industrial complex of some sorts.

Teaser shots are already on the DC Shoes Gymkhana Three website, so stay tuned for the official video in the following hours. Until then, why don’t you check out Gymkhana 1, Gymkhana 2 and Gymkhana 2.1, all located after the jump.

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Even though the 2011 Ford Fiesta is reaching US dealerships as we speak, the Blue Oval is already looking to the future, and is reportedly ready to implement a refresh to the European Fiesta as early as 2012.

According to the rumors, the Fiesta, which is available only as a hatchback in the Old Continent, will get a restyled front fascia, complete with LED lights. The front spoiler will be redrawn, while the interior of the compact hatch will get new options.

Most importantly though are the new engines, all wearing the EcoBoost name. The Fiesta will get a 90 HP turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder enginie, like the one on the Ford Start concept, while the performance Fiesta ST will receive a 180 HP 1.6-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine.

Expect the facelifted Ford Fiesta to appear in Europe at the end of 2012, and might reach US shores in 2013.


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Ford is kicking its marketing campaign for the new Fiesta compact into overdrive, just as the model is appearing in Blue Oval dealerships around the USA.

In order to highlight the sporty nature of the new Fiesta, Ford went to famous rally driver and stunt man Ken Block, and tasked him with completing a few everyday errands such as taking out the trash, going grocery shopping or delivering mail.

As you can imagine, he isn’t using a regular Fiesta for all these tasks, instead relying on his custom Ford Fiesta rally car. Needless to say, hilarity and awesomeness followed.

Still, the ad doesn’t just promote the new Fiesta, but also a novel competition, entitled ‘Rock it like Block’. Fans will need to access this special website, and enter for a chance to win a special Fiesta, customized by Block himself. While it most definitely won’t be the Gymkhana Three Fiesta, it will still be awesome.

Hit the jump to check out the new Ken Block ad, and then enter in the competition.

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Ken Block is by far one of the most renowned rally drivers currently active in the USA, even though his performances aren’t ground breaking. Instead, he relied on the Gymkhana drifting videos to make sure that his name is known across the world.

Want proof? The upcoming Gymkhana Three video is already hyped beyond critical mass, with people eagerly anticipating what Block will do with his tuned Ford Fiesta rally car.

Seeing the amount of publicity that Block makes for the Blue Oval’s compact model, radio station KROQ interviewed the rally driver and asked about the possibility of a Ken Block special edition Fiesta.

Surprisingly, Block admitted that such talks exist, but nothing is concrete at this moment. For the moment though, he will continue to focus on his Rally of America efforts, as well as planning the next Gymkhana and preparing for more races in the World Rally Championship.

What do you think? Would a Ford Fiesta Ken Block edition achieve impressive sales? Share your thoughts below.


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One of the biggest products this year for Ford is definitely the 2011 Fiesta, which will pave the way for the B segment to once again attract American customers.

Sadly, things aren’t off to the best of starts, as the Blue Oval has just announced that the first shipments of the new Fiesta from its Mexico City plant will be delayed. It seems that both hurricane Alex, which struck Norther Mexico late last month, and tropical storm Bonnie, which hit afterwards, have caused serious damage to the railroad network around the Mexican capital.

As such, the trains carrying the 2011 Fiesta models have been re-routed, but the new distances are much greater. Ford is currently letting dealerships know when the cars will arrive, but until the railroads are fixed, things will be off to a slow start for the little Fiesta.


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Ford is really hyping up the new 2011 Fiesta city car. After we’ve seen an interesting viral video, as well as a tie-in with US TV show American Idol, the Blue Oval is now offering a new array of options aimed at customers who want their Fiesta to be more unique.

As such, the 2011 Ford Fiesta can be ordered with a special body kit, consisting of a new air dam, side skirts and an optional rear spoiler which is exclusive to the hatchback version.

If accessories aren’t your thing, Ford is offering a wide array of LED options, which can decorate anything from the gear shift knob to the foot well or the side sills. All of the LEDs can be chosen depending on the color they emit.

Last but not least, the 2011 Fiesta will also receive a new batch of custom graphics, or “body tattoos”, as Ford calls them. They range from quite refined to downright awkward, but there’s something for everyone in the company’s selection.


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