Ford Fusion Hybrid pays off quickest, hybrids still aren't worth it, reports says |

People who opt for hybrid models usually do so because they want to lower their fuel average and, as a consequence, pay less for their daily rides. But this can only be achieved by paying more than a regular car, as hybrids are much pricier than their normal brethren.

The San Francisco Chronicle decided to do a test and see how long it takes for the decreased fuel spending to balance out the financial effort a consumer made to purchase a hybrid. Seven of the most popular eco-friendly models were chosen.

The results are a bit surprising to say the least. The winner was the Ford Fusion Hybrid, which, at current gas prices, will pay off the investment in 5.6 years. This is largely due to the relatively low price difference between a regular Fusion and the hybrid counterpart.

But while 5.6 years might seem like a lot, bear in mind that Toyota Prius owners should wait 20 years for the price of their hybrid to be weighed out by the savings they make in terms of fuel costs. What was the worst car? The Nissan Altima Hybrid, which requires 21 years to pay off in fuel savings.

The bottom line, according to the San Francisco Chronicle is that hybrids, at least given today’s fuel prices, just aren’t worth the investment. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint or just look cool, then you might want a hybrid though.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle via Autoblog

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