Ford, GM and Chrysler get $15 billion bailout, looking for $6.8 billion more from Canada |

The recent depression had a devastating impact on the three automotive giants in Detroit. In order to keep operating, they’ve requested a $34 billion emergency bailout from the US Government. However, the White House and Congressional Democrats agreed on giving them a $15 billion short-term emergency loan, congressional aides said late Friday. It seems that these loan will be given from a special $25 billion program that was initially intended to help the three companies develop more energy efficient technologies, and not from the $700 billion bailout. As you’d expect, the three giants are not really satisifed with this: while Ford is currently doing ok and doesn’t any urgent money (will ask for up to $9 billion only in case the crisis gets worse), GM needs $18 billion ($4 billion of which by the end of the year) and Chrysler needs $4 billion to make it until March.

To solve a part of their problems, the Big Three decided to ask for help from the Canadian government. GM asked for a $2.8 billion financial help (with $800 million urgently needed by the end of the year), Chrysler wants $1.6 billion as soon as January 1, while Ford is in the same situation, needs $2 billion, which will only be used in case the crisis worsens.

The three Detroit based companies and both United States and Canada are in a very delicate situation, because an eventual collapse of any of these three will mean that tens of thousands of employees (from the companies, dealers, suppliers…) will be left unemployed.

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