Ford issues biggest recall in history over faulty cruise control switch which can lead to fire |

In case you have an old Ford car or SUV, then you might want to pay attention, especially is you have a cruise control system on it. The North American company has just issued one of its biggest recalls in history, focusing on 4.5 million cars, due to a faulty cruise control switch which can burst into flames if brake fluid were to make contact with it.

The danger is also quite high even if the car is parked, so Ford decided to address this problem even though no formal complaints or accidents of such sort were recorded as of yet. Until the recall letters are sent to all Ford owners, the company recommends that owners should park the car outside and be sure to check the battery, ABS and cruise control system for any malfunctions.

The models affected by this problem are: SUVs and pick ups: 1997-2002 Expedition; 1998-2002 Navigator; 2002-2003 Blackwood; 1993-1996 Bronco; 2000-2003 Excursion (built before 11/4/02) ; 1992-2003 Econoline E-150/250/350; 1996-2003 Econoline E450; 2002-2003 Econoline E550; 1998-2002 Ranger; 1998-2001 Explorer/Mountaineer; 2001-2002 Explorer Sport; 2003-2004 F-150 Lightning; 1993-2003 F-Series; 1993-2003 F-Series with the exception of those built at the Cuautitlan plant; 1994-2003 F-Series built at the Cuautitlan plant before 1/7/03; 1995-2002 F-53 Motorhome; Cars: 1992-1998 Town Car; 1992-1998 Crown Victoria; 1992-1998 Grand Marquis; 1993-1998 Mark VIII; 1993-1995 Taurus SHO (automated transmission); 1994 Capri;

You can check out Ford’s Recall information webpage for more details.

Source: Ford

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