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Posted on Jun 23rd, 2009 by Vlad Balan

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If these rumors are true, I think we’re looking at one of the coolest cars ever to leave a production line. I’ve already said several times in the past that the Ford Kuga is definitely one of the best looking small SUVs out there and if a coupe version that looks like this will ever go into production, I think I’ll be their first customer. According to Auto Express, Ford is currently considering the Kuga coupe, especially after the BMW X6 showed that a combination between an SUV and a coupe is a great recipe for success. However, the Kuga won’t go anywhere near the X6 in what concerns its pricing or running costs and that’s what makes me almost sure it will be a big hit.

Auto Express also reports that the car will probably not get four wheel drive, in order to achieve better fuel economy and emissions figures and under the bonnet we’ll get the same range of EcoBoost petrol engines from the upcoming Focus and a range of diesel powerplants, including a range-topping 197 hp 2.0 liter unit.

So, when will we see this car making its debut. Well, it seems that after Ford will launch the new Focus and C-MAX next year, there’s a high probability the Kuga Coupe will be unveiled sometime in 2011.

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